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Who says great hops can't grow in California?

Someone who's never met a California farmer.




Over the last several years there has been a resurgence of hop production in the great Bear State of California. This movement to #bringhopsbacktoCA has led to the formation of the California Hop Growers Association (CHGA).


The goal of CHGA is to unite growers and rebuild the industry by:


      Combining resources

      Funding & research

      Ensuring quality


Our growers are dedicated to forging relationship with craft brewers who are passionate about buying local and using terroir specific varietals.



Before prohibition hops were prolifically grown in the Northern California. Since then the industry has expanded its geography thanks to a growing demand from craft brewers, and the research and discovery of native varieties. Today there are dozens of growers across the state representing over 80 acres. Tomorrow…

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Jan-Erik (JE) Paino - Ruhstaller Farm